School  Age




Your preschooler’s day will be filled with lost of fun hands-on activities that will start to prepare them for kindergarten. We believe in an emotional, social and intellectual approach to learning fundamentals such as language, writing, dramatic play and circle time. Children must be completely potty trained before entering our preschool programs. Parents must provide an extra set of clothes, as accidents do happen.

We have two different classes for Preschool ages 3 and 4.

Fun and learning continues before and after school. We provide a less formal environment for your child’s learning. Each day after school students will have a snack and complete their homework assignments at our homework stations, unless otherwise stated by parents. School Agers have their choice of one of the computers, games or art work. They will also have outdoor activities and organized playtime. When your child is out of school for intersession or breaks, we offer an action packed program that will keep your child entertained. Parents are encouraged to provide an extra set of clothes.

This is a period of rapid growth and development. Toddlers thrive on gross motor activity and language development. We provide an environment with plenty of fun activities and language development. At the end of each day, we will give you a complete record of your child’s activities, including naps, eating and diapering. Parents will need to provide diapers, nap time blanket and extra clothes. Bright Ideas provides 3 meals per day, 2 snacks, along with wipes, gloves and sippy cups. 

Children are just starting to realize that there is a world that exists beyond themselves, and they want to explore every square inch! We stimulate this sense of discovery by providing a colorful educational environment. Their days are filled with stories, songs, physical activities and of course, potty training. 

Teachers and directors will assess potty training readiness. When children are ready to potty-train, parents must sign a potty-training contract in order to commence potty training. Teachers will train no more than 4 children per teacher. As outlined in the potty training contract, parents must agree to go completely without diapers at the start of training with the exception of a night diaper. Parents not in compliance with the contract will be put on the bottom of the parent request list.

We have two different classes for toddlers ages one and two.

We provide infant care to those infants that are 6 weeks of age until they are at least 12 month of age and walking steadily on their feet. We believe that warm responsive care is crucial for your infant’s healthy development. Our childcare specialists provide a nurturing environment for infants to learn fundamental skills of communication and fine motor skills that are essential to their development.

Parents must provide at least 5 diapers per day for a full day child, at least 3 bottles that remain at Bright Ideas (We wash and sanitize on site), and two changes of clothing. Bright Ideas provides soy and lipil formula, baby food, and baby wipes. Parents must provide any specialized formula such as Gentle Ease, specialized food or special wipes. Bright Ideas is completely supportive of breast feeding moms and cloth diapers.


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