​​Bright Ideas


Hello There! 

Welcome to Bright Ideas Childcare and Learning Center. At Bright Ideas, we are a committed partner in building your children’s development and educational foundation. We are dedicated to providing a fun educational environment where children can learn and develop through creative hands-on-activities. Our staff at Bright Ideas understands that choosing a childcare provider is one of the most difficult decisions parents have to make. We want to make this stressful transition as comfortable as possible. We would be happy to address any questions or concerns that you may have.

Our classrooms are designed to allow your child to have a hands on learning experience. Bright Ideas believes in a “centers” approach to early education. Our programs are structured to provide each age group with age appropriate curriculum for fundamental learning. Everything from our meals to our educational programs are designed for growing hands. Our teachers are compassionate and attentive to all that enter our centers. We encourage our parents to visit anytime and to communicate regularly with our childcare providers to monitor their child’s progress. If there is anything we can do to make you and your child’s experience positive, we will go the extra mile to meet your individual needs.

We are proud to be a family ran business with Ms. Beth, a mother and grandmother, running the show! She has owned Bright Ideas for over 20 years, starting with nothing but a little space in her own house. She has since been able to make an impact on the community. So much so, that she is asked to speak at various training events around the state, consults for other centers (many located all over the country) and has now partnered with the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) and their Early Education Department.

There are 3 thriving Bright Ideas located in the East Valley and we show no signs of stopping! Beth takes a hands on approach at each location, providing the staff of all levels comprehensive training and leadership. You will often see her doing the “dirty work” herself!