Brantley- Daniels

Hi, my name is Miss Kimmy and I was born and raised here in Arizona, I started working at Bright Ideas in November of 2008. I am the assistant director at Tempe and  I absolutely love my job and my class! I like to think outside of the box and challenge my kids. You can usually find me rolling on the floor with my kids or getting my hands dirty with the many creative activities we do each day. We do follow a pretty strict daily schedule but definitely can be flexible when things come up! That moment when everything clicks and makes sense is awesome! Outside of work I like to travel and thrill-seek. My next adventure will take me to San Diego to run with the bulls! I hope I come back in one piece, wish me luck!


I have always envisioned Bright Ideas to be an extension of family and community to help build the foundation of children. Bright Ideas Childcare and Learning Center opened May 1, 2000. We opened the Tempe location November 1, 2006. I am proud of my wonderful staff and supportive families that trust us every day. You will always see my own family including my children Will, Helle and Peter working and walking the halls and we all spend our days helping children grow, learn, love and laugh! Please do not hesitate to contact me directly to tour the center or ask any questions.

My name is Rodica Eftimescu.  I am the operational director for Bright Ideas Childcare and Learning Center. I am lucky to work with a great team of people! Working in this field is a challenge for everyone. I was a  

Being able to set a good foundation for the future for the children is rewarding!


​​Bright Ideas


Hello! I am Abby Jones and I am the proud director at Bright Ideas on Broadway. I have been with the company since January 2008 and spent my first 5 years at the Tempe location. I started as the preschool teacher and cherish my classroom memories. I attended Central Arizona College and it was there that I realized working with children was a true passion of mine. I am married to my best friend and fellow TV nerd. Our favorite kind of nights are spent eating dinner that we cooked together and watching Jeopardy! We have 2 fur babies and are very active with an animal rescue group; we usually have a foster dog hanging around somewhere. I am looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for Bright Ideas, I see great things on the horizon! 

Hello. My name is Miss Ryann and I am the Assistant Director at the Broadway location. I have worked with Bright Ideas since February 2013. Before I moved to Arizona I attended a small college in my hometown of Spencer, Iowa where I received my Associates degree in Business Management. I have been working with children for about 10 years. My sister owns a daycare in Iowa and I worked with her as well as a local Italian restaurant called La Chiesa. At La Chiesa I knew and worked all the positions of the front of the house, including Management. I will be going back to school this fall for Early Childhood Education at MCC. I have always loved working with children. I love seeing how they still have their sense of wonder. I am lucky to be apart of the Bright Ideas team!

Hi, I am Beth Brantley-Daniels, I am the founder and owner of Bright Ideas Childcare and Learning Center. I am also the mother of 12 children!